Case Studies

1. The CEO of a major bank had promised shareholders an agressive expansion strategy and now HR was struggling to find qualified staff to fill positions. Enter the project manager who setup a program to upgrade their website and create a new channel to attract talent.

2. An Internation Bank had a great idea to reduce their lending risks, but wasn’t sure how it might be implemented. Enter the project manager who assessed the vendors as well as the existing technology architecture to identify that their preferred vendor actually required a $30m system integration when, 10xs higher than their budget, saving the executive sponsors from making a costly career ending mistake.

3. A global telecommunications company was neglecting their biggest coprorate customers and sought a way to improve service. Enter the project manager who designed a comprehensive customer service and adjudication process to streamline credit decisions and speed up implementations. The solution went on to fuel double diget organic growth for the corporate and commercial unit delivering outstanding ROI in under 12 months.

4. One of the worlds largest IT Companies had a gap in their ERP Product Suite and needed a white-labeled solution they could offer their customers. Enter the project manager to oversee negotiations, solution design and implementation of a product that helped keep them competitive. The solution went on to become fully integrated into the busines practices of multiple clients who were completely unaware of the behind-the-scenes partnership that made their ERP Suite a comprehensive solution and kept them in the highly competitive market for ERP.

5. One of the world’s largest Banks had just been shown up by their smaller rival in the suddenly exploding world of Mobile Banking. They needed a comprehensive strategy for developing a mobile banking channel asap before their reputation was further damaged. Enter the project manager who created a comprehensive program that covered every element of the banks mobile strategy, from vendor selection to offshore development to inhouse marketing. By coordinating the efforts of the entire enterprise and a host of partners and vendors we were able to deliver the most comprehensive mobile solution in the industry at that time, eventually becoming the #1 Mobile Banking App in their market and most downloaded app among any of their competitors and winning multiple awards for customer service and innovation.

6. An unprecedented natural disaster had left the island of Haiti devastated and without basic infrastructure to distrubte aid. A local Telecommunications company and major

bank joined forces to use technology to deliver much needed aid. But the program was at risk of falling apart because of regulatory complexity and competing business interests. Enter the project manager who developed a comprehensive business negotiation framework to help the partners work together to design a successful business partnership that would meet their needs as well as the needs of the people of Haiti. The program went on to deliver aid to nearly a million Haitians and gained recognition by international bodies such as the Clinton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Bill Clinton himself even went on to discuss the project in Time Magazine as one of the 5 ideas that are changing the world for the better.

7. A specialty finance company was seeking a competative advantage in the crowded market for consumer lending. Enter the project manager who developed a comprehensive automated decision engine and loan adjuduication platform with an integrated business intelligence system and data warehouse. With the unprecidented insight into their own most valuable data they were able to better target their ideal customers and pricing to deliver a consistently better product into the marketplace. The solution was so impressive that it became the key deciding factor for a group of investors who later purchased the company based on their impressive ability to know their customer and control their risks.

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